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november 07, 2004

Undersökning hur B2B-inköpare använder sökmotorer

MarketingSherpa har nu släppt resultatet på sin undersökning om hur inköpare/decision-makers (B2B) använder sökmotorer för att hitta information - för att kunna ta köpbeslut - om produkter och tjänster.

Jag har ännu inte läst hela rapporten men MarketingSherpa har varit snälla nog att sammanställa de viktigaste resultaten:

Lesson #1. Google's dominance is overwhelming in B-to-B:

Although Google only has a 36% share of the total online search usership according to comScore data from earlier this year, when it comes to b-to-b users, Google is overwhelmingly dominant.

82.9% of surveyed business users said Google was their search engine of choice. This rises even higher as you go up the executive foodchain. 86.9% of highest income business users prefer Google.

Lesson #2. Searchers are often warm (not yet hot) prospects:

54.6% of respondents said they used search 30-90 days prior to authorizing or making a particular business expenditure. This means search is your first line of defense near the start-mid-level of the sales cycle.

Lesson #3. Organic results are far more noticed than paid ads:

Once again search users have confirmed that 69.6% of the links they click on are ORGANIC and not the paid ads. (This percent rises to 76.7% if they are Google users.)

We have to ask the question, why, when the overwhelming majority of clicks are going to organic listings are US marketers spending $3.3 billion on paid ads this year compared to $285 million on search optimization services?   Your budget is out of whack.

Optimization may be a nasty, technical, ever-changing pain in the you-know-what, but that's the ballgame. You gotta play to win.

Lesson #4. Position counts for clicks - but so does your copy:

Being ranked in the top three is important for organic results - links in these positions get 59.7% of all organic clicks. Top ranking for a paid search ad is even more critical, with 51% of total paid ad clicks going to that very top spot, only 24.2% to number two and 9.8% to number three.

That said, you can use copywriting to stand out and get more clicks than perhaps your position strictly deserves.

Turns out that search users (especially Google users) have A.D.D. in a big way. Their eyes skitter quickly across the page. 27% quickly scan looking for words to jump out. If nothing does they leave or try another search immediately. An additional 57% scan quickly, and if they find nothing obvious to click on, then they actually settle down and carefully read titles and descriptions.

Lesson #5. 18.9% of Prospects Visit Your *Before* Search Engines:

Search engines are not the end all and be all. In fact the study showed that 18.9% of users were more likely to go directly to a manufacturer's or vendor's site (even when they are 30-90 days out in the buying cycle and merely conducting research.)

But this 18.9% will turn to search engines as their next avenue for information if your site appears to be inadequate for their research needs. And guess whose site they'll click to from search? (Hint: it probably won't be yours, they've already learned it doesn't have what they're looking for.)

   [Citerat från http://www.marketingsherpa.com/sample.cfm?contentID=2852]

Ladda ner hela rapporten (pdf) här.

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