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mars 23, 2006

Den involverade konsumenten

Två läsvärda artiklar på ClickZ.com:

Lessons From the Super-Connectors:

"If you look back at the last several decades, it should be obvious why paying attention to the attitudes of the young is so important. ... The connection/conversation/customization/technology-driven attitudes of today's teens will continue onward, even as they mature and change. Once super-connectors, always super-connectors, even if they juggle those connections with kids, jobs, and mortgages in the future."

Can Marketers Control CGM? Should They?:

"I think there's a mid-way point that at least gives credit to marketers for conceding some level of creative and message control to the consumer: incentivized consumer-generated media (ICGM). Labels are important. There's too much ambiguity in marketing, so it makes sense to draw a clear distinction between casting a broader net for creative concepts and managing unaided or organic CGM."


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